How Much Range to Wireless Speakers Have?

When setting up a pair of wireless speakers, it is quite important to realize what range you can achieve from the speakers. The signal that is traveling from the transmitter to the speakers is being broadcast usually in a unidirectional fashion. Now that sounds kind of technical so let me explain what I mean by that. Unidirectional means that the signal which is coming from the transmitter is being sent out in all directions equally. That is usually important because customers don’t normally realize how to point the transmitter if there was a directional signal transmission. So that is why the majority of wireless speaker designs put an antenna inside the transmitter which sends the waste into each direction equally. However, that means that the signal strength decreases rapidly as you move away from the transmitter.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

Modern wireless speakers are …

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How You Can Save Money When Buying Wireless Speakers

It is easy nowadays to find some Bluetooth speakers at low cost. If you have been planning to purchase some wireless speakers then Bluetooth speakers might be a good option. However, the growing pressure of increasing competition between different manufacturers has led to a decline in quality of certain products including Bluetooth speakers. I’m going to investigate and how far it makes sense to spend more money for a high-quality pair of wireless speakers versus purchasing an entry-level Bluetooth wireless speaker.

wireless speakers from Amphony

The advantage of Bluetooth speakers is obvious: you can use pretty much every portable device which supports Bluetooth in order to stream music to some speakers. That is a great plus because the earbuds which are usually bundled with cell phones have terrible audio quality. The same goes for the built-in speakers of cell phones. There simply isn’t enough …

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Don‘t Be Misled by Wireless Speaker Manufacturers

Many manufacturers of wireless acres will make you believe that by using one of their products, you don’t have to worry about running long speaker cables and have uninterrupted joy. However, think again. These types of products do have several issues affect performance. By nature they are not working as reliably as regular speakers. Then again, you don’t have to run long speaker wires. In this post I’m going to offer some advice for improving the reliability of wireless speakers.

One of the biggest misconceptions about wireless speakers is the fact that most manufacturers promise crystal-clear music streaming. While in many cases the audio quality is pretty good, there still are issues which can affect reception of the signal. One of these issues is wireless interference. That happens if there are other wireless gadgets around that also transmit the signal. …

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